Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maddyson Elaine Aedo

 Maddyson Elaine arrived 11/22/11 at 10:08 pm.  She was 7 lbs and 7 oz, and 18 1/2 inches long.  

Her arrival story is a bit of a crazy one.  I started having contractions the Saturday before, the 19th, but they finally went away. However, Sunday morning they started again, and I went home after sacrament meeting because Amilee was sick.  After going home, my contractions got really intense and about every 5 min apart, so we decided we should go to the hospital.  We get there and get checked out and I am still dilated at a 3 (I have been there for a week), so they sent me home because nothing was happening.
      Then Monday, I still had contractions all day, and they got pretty unbearable by the evening time.  I went to Messiah practice and left early because I was dying. I could barely sing, let alone stand up.   We called the dr to see what she recommended since my contractions were every two to three minutes apart.  She said to wait a bit and see what happens.  So we waited an hour and they just got more intense, so we decided to go in one more time.  So we get there, and I am still at a 3, no change, just crazy contractions.  They sent us home at 2:30 in the morning, but recommended keeping my doctor's appointment that was scheduled for 8 hours later.  They also said to mention that we live an hour away from the hospital.
     So samuel and I come home, sleep for four hours and head back to Sac for my dr's appointment.  We told her what had happened, and I was almost at 3 1/2 cm, so still not really progressing.  She asked if I wanted to be induced the next day, and I said yes, or even today if there are any openings.  And luckily for us, there were no openings for the next day, but we could head over to the hospital right then and get things going.  Of course, we rushed over there, and Samuel's dad picked up Amilee at the hospital.
  I then had to walk a lot to try and get things going naturally, but nothing happened, other than my contractions getting more and more painful.  So around 5:30, 6 pm they start me on some pitocin and give me an epidural.  The pitocin wasn't helping too much, so they kept upping the dosage.  I was okay though because it was the first time I was slightly comfortable in the last few days, let alone the last few weeks.    
    Around 8 pm, my nurse comes in to check me, and my water breaks, but I was still at 4 cm, so it would probably still be awhile.  My contractions then again started becoming very painful, so they upped my epidural around 8:45, 9 pm ish, and  I just felt a lot of pressure with each contraction.   At about 10 pm, my nurse comes in to get the baby back on the monitor and decides to check me also.  I was at a 10.  It was time to push.  Of course, samuel had just went out to the car, so I texted him to come back now, and he ran back to the room.  The nurse calls the dr and staff to get things ready, and she goes to put her gloves on and turns around and sees the baby crowning.  They ask me to push one time and out she comes.  I texted Samuel at 10:04, (and luckily, he made it) and Maddyson arrived at 10:08.  The dr didn't even make it for the delivery, and I didn't even feel anything.  I never really felt any desire to push or anything.  I am lucky the nurse decided to check me on a whim, or I would have had that baby on my own with no one else in there!! Crazy stuff!!
   We are so happy she is finally here and apart of our family!!

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Kylie C. said...

YAY! I'm so glad she arrived safely! Adorable!