Friday, November 11, 2011

A Sew-a-holic

I admit it; I have become a sew-a-holic, but I am honestly loving it.  I am currently machine quilting my quilt that I am making for my bed (no easy task, mind you, since I am using a sewing machine and not a quilting machine) and I am loving it.  It isn't taking as long as I expected and it is not too hard after getting the hang of things, and I like the way it is turning out.  It is not perfect, but all is well.  Plus, I am getting it done basically for free (other than thread cost), compared to the at least $200 I would have spent to get it done.

Then, I am working on a rag quilt for a friend, which is also almost done and turning out so good.

And then my next project is a car seat canopy.  Definitely, I think the easiest of them all.  And I am so excited to get going on it.

I can't wait til my bed quilt is done though!! just a few more hours of sewing and it will be all complete!! can't wait!!

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