Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rag Quilt Part II

Sorry this has taken forever to post, but it has been a crazy house around here the last couple of weeks.

So we left off with our blocks.  It is now time to sew each block together.  I chose to follow the edges because I didn't like how the X's looked on the green fabric.  I sewed in one inch on all the sides.

As you can see, my sewing is not perfect, but it is okay!!  Then you sew the two blocks together.  This is week it gets a little tricky.  You have to sew wrong sides together; which puts all your other sewing lessons to shame.  You also have to sew wrong sides together when doing the squares, but they aren't too hard to figure out.  I chose a pattern for the front and also for the back, so I had to be a little bit more careful as I was sewing my blocks into rows.

Notice the green is facing one direction for the side where I will snip the edges, and a different way on the backside.  You don't have to do that, you can make it all the same, but this made it a little more fun for me, and gives it a little bit more variety.  

Here is the whole row:

I am almost done sewing everything together, so this is it for now, but more to come!! so excited about the final result!! 

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