Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Festivities

We had a great Halloween this year!! it was like a party all weekend!!  Friday night, we carved pumpkins and made Amilee's costume.  Saturday, we went to the Feather River Ward Annual Chili Cook-off and Trunk or Treat. We made chili and cornbread.  My chili is nothing special, but it is quite tasty.  Amilee loved getting all the candy and we enjoyed seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes.  Amilee also loves ward parties, since she is so social.  She was saying hi to everyone and being super cute and friendly.  It was really fun.  Sunday, we went to Samuel's dad's house to celebrate Samuel's birthday with them.  We had a nice dinner and fun time watching them play with Amilee. Samuel's sisters, Rachel and Allison are so good with Amilee and really do love her so much!! It is great.  Monday, we had a little party for Samuel. We invited our friends Gene and Montez along with Baby Olivia over and Felipe and Chuwy to help us celebrate.  We had green spaghetti and meatballs (Samuel's favorite and a tradition for his birthday), spooky salad, bone breadsticks, yellow teeth, and green beans (haha, I couldn't up with anything for those), along with a delicious punch and sheet cake for dessert.  Dinner was delicious, and then it was time to trick or treat.  We put Amilee's costume on her, and Samuel put some face make up on and we were off.  We went to a lot of houses and Amilee loved every minute. She is such a big girl now; time has gone by too fast.  It was a great halloween and a great weekend!!

Here are some pictures:

I love her little sheep costume, and we had a great time making it!!!

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