Friday, October 3, 2014

A return to blogging!!!

I have decided it is time to take a return to blogging.  I need to document what my family is doing, even if for my own sake.  I won't have these memories forever, so I want to make sure they are written down!

Where are the Aedo's in life now?
Let's see.....I will start with the girls.  

Amilee is almost 5 now! She is doing gymnastics and is about to start dance as well next week.  I am happy to say she is taking in her mother's footsteps.  It is very exciting. She is in preschool again, but when she turns 5, I am going to enroll her in kindergarten.  She is so ready to move and learn how to read!  She is so girly-she embraces and loves everything about a girly-girl.  She is so opinionated about clothes, shoes, hairstyles, everything girly.  She is a wonderful little girl, and is growing up too fast for my liking!!!

Maddyson is almost 3, and she is a kick in the pants.  She is such a sweet, cute girl, but she has an evil side too. She loves to cause trouble and be a trickster.  I wonder what she will be like when she is older.  Maybe she will grow out of her shenanigans.  Maddy is also doing gymnastics and will be doing dance again this season as well.  She loved dance last year, but got immense stage fright when it came time for the performance. She is so's pretty cute.  She wants to be just like Amilee.  It is a sweet love between these sisters.  Maddy has a different style than Amilee, but is just as cute and adorable.  I feel like I just had has gone by much too fast. 

Dallas is almost 1 1/2.  I can't believe it.  She is finally walking! It is so exciting.  She loves her sisters so much. She gets so excited when she sees them, and so sad when they go or she is left behind from them.  She is a peaceful, happy girl.  When I was still nursing her, she was my saving grace after the long days with Maddy.  She is starting to make lots of messes and get into trouble. She thinks it is really funny most of the time.  She loves food and thinks that she needs to eat any time she sees food.  She is growing up so quick.  Love my Dallas.  

Love my sweet girls!!!

Samuel is working with the teacher's quorum at church and loves his boys, and they really like him a lot.  He is managing at Krispy Kreme now, and is working to finish his bachelor's degree. He is almost done! It is very exciting.  He is getting a taste of what it is like to watch the girls for more than an hour or so during the times I work or go out of town. The girls really love their dad, so it is awesome.  

I am doing really well also.  I am starting my certification tests to be a teacher, so the end is in sight.  I also started tutoring math and english two nights a week, so I am reinforcing what I know and building up my resume.  I was in the RS presidency, but just this last Sunday, I was sustained as my ward's primary president.  It's crazy and so intense, but I know I am called of the Lord, so that truly helps.  I know it is going to be a wild journey though. I am thankful that Samuel always supports me in my callings, because sometimes, I have to be gone a lot, and Samuel is always willing to do whatever. He is a great husband and I rely on him so much!!

That's where we are now, and I hope to post some fun adventures and my musings as a Primary President!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Month of August

Okay, here goes all my catch-up blog, and hopefully, I will be able to stay more on top of it, but man does life fly on by!!! August was a very exciting month for us!! My brother Chris came home from his mission in South Korea with honor and we were thrilled to spend some time with him.  We also went to one of my best friends wedding, Meg!  Coincidence that she set the date when we would be there!! We did lots of shopping and tons of activities while we were in Utah.  Samuel was there for a week, but I stayed a little bit longer with the kids and came home with Jolene.  (She was in Utah getting Katie all ready for school)  It was an awesome trip and we loved every minute of it.  In August, school started and so, in turn, Amilee started preschool.  I was worried with her being so young, (2 1/2 and all the other kids were either 3 or 4), but she has kept up and is right there right along with all the other kids.  There are a group of us moms in my ward and we take turns, teaching the preschool.  It is not my favorite week to teach, but it is going great and the benefits and blessings out way my discomfort way way way much!!  Samuel and I also celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  We were able to go to the temple and do sealings and do a little bit of outlet shopping and I think we did dinner....I can't remember now....darn pregnancy brain!!!  And now for some pics!!

Sorry, they are in random order, but that's how it goes sometimes!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hate catch-ups

Well it has most definitely been forever! I hate that I do so good, then get so far behind. But oh well, so is life. Before I do a catch-up post, I want to blog about the here and now. :D

We went to Utah the first weekend of this month, and decided to start potty training with Amilee when we got back. I had it all planned to start on Monday, after we had returned home Sunday and while heading home, I realized that idea was a little silly since we would be so tired, packed and definitely not mentally ready. So we started Wednesday, a week and a half from today. And so far, it is going really well. She loves her big girl panties, and is really good at telling me she needs to go. But going #2 is a whole story in itself. She has always been one to hold it in, so this has been a hard transition. She has went a few times in the potty, but not after holding it in for a few days and causing much discomfort. So sad. I hope she will be able to catch on with this quick BC it is so sad seeing her uncomfortable. But I am happy she is making progress and becoming such a grown up girl. It's am exciting, but exhausting process.

And for some exciting news, in a week from today, next Friday, we find out what the sex of the baby is! We can't wait!  We don't really have any names picked out, not any feelings if it's a boy or a girl, so it will be a fun adventure! Only 7 more days and hopefully, they will go fast! 

More to come!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

so behind.......

I am so behind in blogging!! I hate it, but life has just been so crazy!! I hope to get better soon!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Woo-hoo for end of term!! Samuel and I both finished our classes strong!! YAY!!!

Hopefully, we can do a celebratory dinner here soon!! so proud of us and excited for our next batch of classes!!! yay!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Done with sick kids!!!

Okay, well my girls just had/have a cold, so it could be worse!! But two sick girls make a mom's life really hard. They both cried the majority of Tuesday-Thursday....oh man, I thought I was going to lose it!!
I am happy that Amilee seems almost better and Maddyson is on her way too. It is sad seeing them sick too, especially knowing that I can't really do anything for them. Amilee had to miss nursery last Sunday and gymnastics this week and library time since she was sick. Her whole week was messed up. She asked me everyday when we were going to the library. Hopefully we can go Tuesday!!

Love my girls....done with sickness....ready to be back to normal!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Samuel and I

Well Samuel and I have been crazy busy!! Samuel is still working at Costa Vida as the assistant manager and it is going really well.  They are getting into a routine of things.  We are also in our own place and we love it.  We still see Jolene and Steve all the time, and that is nice, but we missed being on our own.  I also loving the girls having a sisters room.  It is so cute.  I just finished my school term, hence, why I haven't been blogging, and Samuel finishes his here at the end of May, so that has kept us very occupied.  I am happy to have a little bit of downtime.  It is really nice, but I am ready to get back into my classes here later on this week.
I stay busy everyday at home with the kids and running our home.  I take Amilee to a few different things during the week and we run errands and a million other things.  It is busy, but I am happy to be at home.  I am okay sacrificing a little income to be at home raising my girls.
My birthday is coming up on Saturday and I think Samuel and I are going to go see a movie and we haven't seen a movie since last summer, so it has been almost a movie! That is crazy!! I am also taking prom pictures for Katie and her friends on Saturday also.  That will be fun.  I am excited for that.
I am taking pictures for a friend's wedding here at the end of the month too.  I am excited to do the whole thing.  It will be awesome.
I am also excited about all of my upcoming sewing projects and endeavors.  I am finishing up a few things for my friends Scarlet and Stephanie, who are both due here in a couple of weeks.  I am almost done, so that is good!!
Samuel can't wait to go paint balling again, but I told him he has to finish up school first.  It is part of his reward for working so hard.

We miss seeing my family, but can't wait to head to Utah when Chris gets home from his mission and to see to see all of our family!! 3 months to go!! can't wait!!

We are so thankful for everything Jolene and Steve have done for us and continue to do for us.  They are such great inlaws and grandparents to our little girls.  Thank you!!