Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby Amilee is finally here!! :D

Baby Amilee is finally here!! She came four days early from her due date on December 10th, 2009 at 5:55 pm.  She was 6 lbs and 5 oz and 18 inches long.  She has a lot of beautiful black hair!  She is so little and cute. She has been very alert and smiley since she was born.

I started having contractions about three weeks ago, and I started slowly dilating. This past weekend, the contractions got pretty bad and I started having back labor.  On Monday, I went to the doctor and I was 3 cm dilated, 90% effaced, but the head was all the way down.  The doctor said she would be surprised if I didn't go into labor this week.  The contractions worsened over the week and on Wednesday night they started getting pretty bad.  Around 2 am, they were 8 minutes apart and kept getting closer and closer together.  Around 5:30, or 6 in the morning, Samuel woke up to go to the bathroom and I was in so much pain.  He said we were going to the hospital even though I didn't want to.  We packed some clothes and I took a shower and off we headed to the hospital.  We got to Labor and Delivery and they checked me and I was at 4 cm dilated with my water ready to break, so they decided I could stay and to admit me. I decided to get my epidural ASAP because I had been toughing out the pain long enough. It really helped.  I kept dilating even more and I got to a six and a half and was kind of at a stand still because my water was still not broken. We finally went and got the doctor and she broke my water and it started to go pretty fast from there.  I started feeling too much pressure, so I got some stronger medicine.  It worked for a little bit.  Then the pain just got worse and worse and I could feel everything, so they gave me more medicine and it didn't even touch the pain.  It was then time to push and I could feel everything because my epidural started to wear off.  I even started to begin to feel my legs.  But we started pushing after the doctor got there, and having the worst pain of my life, we pushed for about 10 min and baby Amilee arrived into this world!! It went very fast and hurt terribly.  But she is so beautiful.  She was very alert and already smiling and has been ever since!!

The past night and a half, we have been working on getting her to breast feed. She is getting the hang of it, but has to have a little bit of formula supplement to keep her blood sugar up.  She is really healthy though and we are all doing well.  We are just very tired, but eager to go home tomorrow!! We are so thankful for our bundle of joy!! And we are thankful for our family and all the help they have given us!! We love you all!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Almost here!!!

There are a lot of things that are almost here!! This is a very exciting time for us. 

Amilee Grace is due in two weeks, but could be here any day now, and that is very exciting.  This last part of the pregnancy has been very tiring for both of us, but especially me, since I no longer get good or even decent sleep and I am just uncomfortable all the time.  I started having contractions about a week and a half ago and I have started dilating, so that is a good sign, but we wish she would just hurry up and get here. 

Samuel has one week left of school.  I still have a couple more, but I am glad he is almost done, and so proud of him.  He took 18 credits this semester, so it was rough a lot of the time, especially since he was working as well.  I am glad he is going to be done before me, so that when Amilee gets here, we will only have to worry about my finals and not his also. 

My family is moving to Saratoga Springs, near Lehi, this weekend, and we are happy that they will be close again.  We love Texas, but it is just so far away for us, that it is hard to get there, and expensive. We are poor college students, so it's hard to afford to go to many places, so it is great they are just right up the road.  Plus they want to see their first grandbaby a lot.  My dad has been up here the past month and half working and he flies home to bring up the family this weekend.  It will be fun.

Things seem to be moving right along for us.  We are excited for all the new adventures that we are about to have.  We can't wait for this new chapter of life to begin.  We are happy.  We love each other, and are trying our best to follow the Lord in all things!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Camera!!

I can't believe that it is already the middle of October. Man, how time flies!! The past few weeks have been crazy. Samuel's grandpa had a knee replacement, and he is in a care center getting better, meanwhile, leaving us in charge of the house. We have been winterizing everything, since it has froze a few nights. Samuel's, Aunt Julie came over during conference weekend and realized there was a whole patch of tomatoes we hadn't picked yet, so that next week, we went out and picked all the tomatoes we had left. There were so many. It was ridiculous there were so many!! We decided we were going to make some more homemade spaghetti sauce and can it, and we ended up doing 30 jars of spaghetti sauce!! It was a lot!! Oh man!! And hard work too!!

Samuel and I were able to watch conference together and Samuel had the whole weekend off. It was so nice!! We never spend Saturdays together. We really enjoyed conference as well. There were so many great things said. Samuel's uncle Bill was in town the week of conference from Saipan, and we got to spend some time with him and that was really nice. We also bought a new camera, a canon Rebel t1I and it came in that week. Bill is really good at photography, so he showed us some things with our camera!! it's so nice!! I will post some pictures we have taken at the end of this!! We also went to a cool devotional at LDSBC. Susan W. Tanner, the former YW general president came and that was very cool. She was the president most of the time I was in young women.

We are heading to California on Wednesday and we are so excited!! it's just a short trip, but its a trip nonetheless and we can't wait!!! Things are going really well. They have been very busy lately!! But things are great!! Here are some pics we have taken!!

Our friends Meg and Chase

Almost 32 weeks!!!

Fall Colors!!!
And so we love our camera and can't wait to do more work with it!!! :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Semester

So it's been a little while since I have last written. The last couple of months have been busy.

After we found out our little one is a girl, we have been shopping and getting super excited. Jolene (Samuel's mom) came down the beginning of August with a crib and we also went garage saleing. We had a great time with her and Steve and Katie. Samuel had a three week break in August from school. We didn't really do too much though. I quit my job, however, because I was just getting tired of it. Samuel and I went on a retreat for his Mentors and Ambassadors at school and we had a great time with an awesome group of people. He loves being a mentor and ambassador. On Thursdays, I get to go to a couple of his classes and its pretty cool because I go to his mentor and ambassador class and they make you feel like you are at home. It's really nice. At the end of August, our stake had Elder Richard G. Scott come speak to us at a special fireside to commemorate our Stake's 80th anniversary. It was pretty awesome, and we got to shake his hand. That was pretty sweet.

September started and we both started school. Samuel is taking 18 credits and I am taking 6 credits. I am taking American Heritage up at the Salt Lake Center, so on Thursdays we get to spend a lot of time with each other. It's really nice. I love it. Samuel has been very busy with work and school, and I keep busy with school and keeping the house in order and working on my photography skills. Yesterday, Pres. Monson came and spoke at our devotional at BYU and that was really neat. The Marriot Center was packed, but definitely way worth it. We are keeping quite busy, and everyday we get more and more excited for our little girl to get here. I am in the 3rd trimester now, so its getting close. Time is going to fly by so fast. Next post, I will have to post some of the most recent pictures I have taken!!! Loves!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's a girl!!! :D

So yesterday we went to the doctor for a check up and for our 20 week ultrasound!! We found out that our little one will be a little girl!! We will be naming her Amilee Grace and she will be here in December. We are really excited. Samuel knew all along that it was a girl. He said he had dreams about her. You know, its funny to think about, but I feel so young having a baby and all, but now that I think about it, I am following in the footsteps of my mom. She was the same age when she got married and same age when she had a baby and same amount of time being married as well, or close to it. So it's fun.
Here are some ultrasound pictures!!!

We are very excited for the new addition to our family! She has a great family ready to love her and care for her forever as an eternal family!!

The last month or so has been busy. We have both been working a lot and we had a couple Sunday barbecues. I went up to school with Samuel a couple of weeks ago and we got to take some fun pictures in Salt Lake. We will be doing the same thing tomorrow too. I am really excited!!

We are about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We don't have any official plans yet, but it seems like time has just flown by. It seems like yesterday that we were just getting engaged.

Samuel's mom, Jolene and family are coming to visit in a couple of weeks. I love spending time with them. We miss them. We miss all our family and wish we could be closer!!!

I think that's it for now. We are just enjoying life and are excited to buy baby stuff!!! :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh the summer

So it has been a long time. I am a horrible blogger, but I guess things have been kind of busy. I haven't written since March, so I guess I can do an update month by month because a lot of things have happened.
Let's start with April
Samuel's parents came to visit the first week of April because Steve (Samuel's step dad)'s son Trevor and his wife had a beautiful baby girl, Abagail. We got to spend a lot of time with them. Jolene, Katie and I had girls' night during the priesthood session of conference and we ate at Goodwood and went to see The Knowing. It was really fun. My play for New Play Project also showed that week. The whole family came opening night and we went out for pie afterwards. We had some family dinners and that was nice. Samuel and I both finished up finals for winter semester and we were excited for a fun summer and a nice little break. We also found out that I was pregnant, and not doing too good, so April was a rough month for us.
In May, we moved to Samuel's Grandpa Bezzant's basement. We love it here. It is beautiful. I celebrated my 20th birthday and had a little get together and that was really fun. We haven't done too much this month except work a lot and have some family get togethers. One of the many good things about living at grandpa's is that we get to see the family a lot and that is really nice. At the end of the month, we went to the doctor and heard the heart beat of the baby and that was pretty exciting. We also got ready for our trip to Texas for Chris' graduation from high school.
June started with our trip to Texas. We loved being there. We did a lot. One of the high lights of the trip was the No Doubt concert. They played with Paramore and I love both of them. I have been a fan of No Doubt for a very long time and I wanted to see them in Utah, but things didn't work, so it was sweet getting to see them at home. They put on an awesome show. We saw a lot of friends and family and that was fun. We ate at some sweet restaurants since Utah Valley doesn't really have too much. It's sad actually. There are so many things they are missing out on without the restaurants. Graduation was fun. I can't believe my little brother is 18 and done with high school. It seems weird. But it is also weird that I have been married almost a year and I am pregnant. Man, how things change. On the way home, we were told that Samuel's cousin Kristan had died, so that slightly dampened our trip home. But we were still excited because we knew that Jolene was here because Katie was at EFY this week. Despite the rough circumstances, we still did a lot with Jolene. She bought us a ton of stuff for food storage and that was way sweet. We are really excited about that. I got to meet people in the family that I had yet to meet. The viewing was Friday night and Saturday morning and then Saturday at noon was funeral. The viewing was hard for me; I don't do too good with things like that. But the funeral was very beautiful. The spirit was there to help ease the pain and start the grieving process. It was very nice. It was nice having family here. We had a full house for a little bit. Next week, I go to the doctor for another baby check-up, so more news to come.
But that's a good update for now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh how time flies

Wow, I feel like I never get on here, and maybe I don't. Life is just busy. School is difficult along with work and church and trying to spend time together. We love it, but oh man, it is busy. I don't think anything too new has happened. We are just enjoying school. Samuel was pretty sick this last week, and still is not feeling all the way better. He needs to get more sleep, which seems impossible. I just have a little cold, so it is not as bad as Samuel has been feeling.
For the next month ish, I will be an assistand director for the New Play Project. It's this program in Provo for amateur play writes and actors and directors. It is all volunteer. The plays are awesome, the actors are great, and the directors are inspired. And I was just chosen as an assistant director. I start that tomorrow. I am really excited. I think this is something I will really like doing.
Friday is a really special day for us. My old roommate and best friend, Kasey, is getting married inthe Jordan River temple. I am really excited for her!! We can't wait. We are also going to the Draper temple open house, and we are excited to see the new temple also. I am also going to the doctor to get my knee looked at because it is not doing too good!! Pray that it is not surgery.
The weather has been way nice here lately. The last few days have been in the seventy's. I love it. However, we are supposed to be getting this crazy storm tomorrow and continued through this weekend, so that is no bueno. Provo has a weird winter-spring transition. It can't quite make up it's mind on what it really wants.
We are doing really well, just stressed a bit, but we love each other and we are doing what's right, so that helps. We love all of you!! Happy Wishes!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter semester so far

Sorry, it has been a while! We have just been busy with Christmas and school!! Christmas was really nice. Sam's mom and step dad and sister came to Provo, so we got to spend a few days with them. For Christmas eve and Christmas, we went to my grandparents in Idaho, and got to spend some nice time with them. We made out pretty good for our First Christmas and we really enjoyed making and creating our own traditions.
Samuel and I are both doing school this semester and working about thirty hours each. Samuel goes to LDSBC and takes a bus every morning at 5. It's really really, but he loves it. He loves his school. I love school too. It is a lot of reading, but I do love it. I have some really good teachers! We bought a new computer today! We are really excited about it.

There is more to write, but this will be continued later!