Sunday, July 31, 2011

San Fran~~~

Day Two was San Fran!! My mom, along with Parker had never been to San Fran before, and my dad hadn't been there since he was five or six, so they were like newbies going to San Fran.  We drove over the Golden Gate bridge, went to Fort Point where we took some great pics and got a great view of the bay, the city and the bridge.  We went down Lombard Street, which looks like this....

It is crazy to drive down and there are people everywhere.  It is fun to experience though and the houses are beautiful!! Amilee kept saying wow and whoa. She loved it. We then headed over to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf when we enjoyed delicious sour dough sandwiches and soup and were able to walk through the shops and see all the Street performers. There are a couple of guys that spray paint these really awesome pictures. Here is an example of one:

sorry it is so little, but these guys are awesome.  Then of course, there were a few bands and gold and silvermen and it is fun to see all the people there too!! There are also the sea lions at the end of the Pier!! The sea lions have taken over these docks and have been there for over ten years.  Here is a pic of them:

It is funny to watch them because they fight and bark at each other and knock each other off the docks. There weren't this many there while we were there because they were off mating, but this is normally what it is like.  

We also drove around looking at the beautiful and different architecture and went to North Beach for dinner. North Beach is the italian district of San Fran, so it smells awesome there and all the food is so good. We enjoyed awesome pizza and pasta for dinner and delicious gelato for dessert! It was a fun trip.  We really enjoyed it. 
The pics are in the next blog!! 

Last week's Events~~

This last week was really fun!! my parents and my little brother Parker came to California last Sunday and stayed for a few days.  My parents haven't been back in Cali in years, so it was fun for them to come and fun to see them also.  They arrived Sunday evening and we enjoyed a late dinner together and then talked outside on the back porch area.  I was happy to see that Amilee warmed right up to them and seemed to remember them like she never left.
Monday morning, I had to get to work early, but they met me in Sacramento for the days events.  We went to downtown Sacramento, which is known as Old Sac, where they have restored all the old buildings and have a lot of fun little shops and candy stores and lots of fun little museums.  We wanted to go to the Military Museum and of course it was closed on Monday. I didn't get any pictures there, but here is an idea of what it looks like...

We spent about an hour there and really enjoyed ourselves.  I would love to go back with Samuel on a date.  There were a lot of fun restaurants to experience.
We then headed to the California State Fair.  When I was a kid, we used to always go to the Blackfoot Fair and we always looked forward to it.  So this was pretty exciting; and I like fair anyways.  But crazy me, we get to the entrance finally and I realized I totally forgot the camera in the car, so I was and am pretty bummed about that.  But we get there and buy some tickets so Parker and Samuel can do some rides.  They enjoyed a few rides, while we walked around with Amilee.  She was pretty fascinated with everything.  We then walked through the booths and the food vendors and enjoyed test driving some new Chevy cars.  I also won a sweet waterbottle at the Dannon yogurt  booth!! We kept walking and walking and there were more and more vendors and things to do.  There were a few exhibitions areas and those were really exciting.  One of our favorites was the Rock and Roll exhibit.  You could try out some drums and guitars, see authentic things from your favorite Rock and Roll bands,  buy pictures and T-shirts and old brands of candy and just enjoy yourself.  It was very fun and family friendly. My mom and I also liked the Quilting exhibition. The quilts were beautiful and gave me even more motivation to finish mine and then to do more.  Maybe I can get really good at it one day. We also went to a hypnotist show.  It was pretty funny!! We then went to the kid rides and Amilee loved loved the carousel.  She was pretty sad when it was time to get off.  It was fun going on rides with her.   There was also a shopping expo with lots of different booths for tiling your home, massages, clothes, teeth whitening, etc.  Tons of things like that!! Those are always so fun!! and of course, we had fair food!~! it was a lot of fun!! we really enjoyed and Amilee was quite a trooper. She barely got a nap in that day, and only had a few minutes of crankiness!!!! It was great!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

san fran pics coming

My parents were in town this week!!! pictures and details coming soon...........................

a little late, but the 4th of July!!

We had a great 4th of July.  We celebrated all weekend!! Saturday day, we went to a BBQ over at Big John's (samuel's dad) and were able to see John and Michelle and Daniel and Drew and Ashley, who had traveled from Utah.  We had some delicious burgers and bratwursts.  That night we took Amilee to a firework show. She really enjoyed watching the fireworks, but she was way tired since it was way past her bedtime.  Sunday was a nice relaxing day, and a nice fast Sunday for us!!
Monday we had a family BBQ here at the house and enjoyed Samuel's homemade burgers.  We had our own little firework show at our house that night, and Amilee had a blast. She even tried out her very first sparklers!!

She kept saying wow and oh man!!!
and a funny story to top of the night.  Earlier in the day, this lady was telling Jolene that the 4th of July is like the worst day for dogs because they are terrified of all the noises and lots of dogs get out and then get lost.  So during the night, this terrified dog came to us and we tried to calm him down.  he eventually calmed down a little bit and then left somewhere.  however, the next morning, Jolene opened the door to the garage and in walks this dog.  I guess he had hid himself in there all night, and we had no idea.  We called his owners and they came shortly after, but it was slightly ironic that we ended up with one of those lots dogs!!

a really fun weekend!!!

Peach Festival

A few weeks ago, we attended the 11th annual Peach Festival in a neighboring town.  We enjoyed walking through all the vendors and booths and seeing what new peach things and treats were there.  Samuel is allergic to peaches, so we didn't sample to many things.
They had this old cab from the 60's that someone had painted with chalkboard and donated to the event to let the kids have something to do at the Peach Festival and Amilee was in heaven!!!

We have a chalkboard at home that she loves to write on, so this was perfect for her since she was too small to go on any rides.  We also had fried mushrooms and fried zucchini that were so delicious!!!  But we don't usually eat deep fried foods like that, so they made us a little sick, but they were way good!!
It was a nice little family outing that we were able to attend and enjoy each other's company and do something out of the norm!!!

Swimming Days!!!

Amilee loves swimming-whether it's just in the hot tub or in the actual pool! she is a water baby!! Here are some pictures!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elmo's world!!

These two pictures describe what my everyday is filled with.  Amilee is in love with Elmo's world...she asks for it all day long and always wants to watch it.  And we let her a few times a day.  I even bought a few DVD's of just Elmo's world, so we would have it on demand whenever we want it.  Elmo's world also comes on the last 20 min of Sesame Street, so we record it and save a few episodes, but sometimes, it's a hassle to fast forward to the end of the show and put Elmo on.  But Elmo is on a lot and Amilee is learning so much from it!!! It is wonderful, and I get a few minutes where she is not destroying everything she comes into contact with.  The terrible two's have begun.  haha

This last week, my mother in law was high lighting my hair, and Samuel, Jolene and I were talking about our favorite moments of Sesame Street and the things we like about it.  My sister in law was in the room laughing thinking it was funny that here were 3 grown adults talking about Sesame Street.  But at least it is wholesome and we can watch it together and teach Amilee new things.  

I Hate This Part Right Here

As much as I love the outcome of being pregnant...I hate this part.  I hate where you have a little bump, but still feel fat and mostly disgusting.  I am definitely not that person that loves being pregnant and feels better than they ever have.  I just want to fast forward the whole nine months and get to the end result.
And needless to say, everyone is telling me my bump is getting so cute, but I have a really hard time enjoying it right now. I don't like people pointing out that I am getting bigger or anything, because to me, its not cute yet.......hopefully I will learn to like it.  haha

probably not.  But I am excited for the end result, having the actual baby and bringing new life into this world and into our growing little family.  That part is exciting.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

anniversary coming up!

Samuel and my anniversary is coming up here in the next month.  It's crazy to think that three years have gone by.  We have been through a lot together in such a small amount of time.  I remember the day after we got married, we headed back to Utah with no place to live and no jobs, but it didn't matter to us; we had just married each other for time and for all eternity and were completely in love.  (and not saying we aren't in love now, but we have experienced more now).  and yet, somehow, things still worked out.  But it hasn't been easy. We have definitely had our ups and downs and our little issues here and there, but it has been wonderful.  And I can't wait for more time together. 

This day coming up just keeps weighing in on my mind, and I am not sure why.  I want to plan something special...with our few dollars we have to spare...haha  But I am getting excited and happy for one on one time with my love!!! I love my Samuel and I couldn't have asked for anyone better!! he is great!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!!

Yesterday, we had our 20 week ultrasound and we were very excited to find out the gender.  Samuel wanted it to be a girl, but for some reason thought it was a boy, and I think because of my girly nature, deep down inside, I wanted it to be a girl.  However, I would have been happy with a boy, just as long as the baby is healthy.  But it's a girl!! and we are thrilled.  We are going to name her Maddyson Elaine Aedo.  I hope she doesn't have too many problems with people spelling her name wrong or pronouncing it incorrectly.  haha :D  I had tons of issues with that,and still do, so I guess it is not too bad.  haha
I think Samuel is the perfect to take on a family of girls.  He is very good with them and is learning how to deal with our emotions better and better everyday.  And he really does like all the girlyness and the cuteness of girls.  He likes when we do Amilee's hair or when I get new jewelry or shoes or paint Amilee's nails, so I think girls for children for him are perfect. And he loves that his girls love him so much too. 
but we are excited and can't wait for that special moment when we welcome another precious spirit into this world!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs

 Easter was so fun!! i loved dyeing the eggs!!!

 love this one!!!

We had a great Easter!!

Memorial Day cabin trip!!

A few pictures at the cabin with cousin Daniel!!
 sliding with grandma and daniel!!!

 i didn't want to get off the swing, though it was freezing outside!!

 bundled up in the golf cart
 playing dominoes with daniel!!

a few zoo pictures

a long set of blogs of pictures!!!

 watching animals with dad!!!
 loving the zoo with mom
 Giraffe's have a long tongue and long neck!!!
 not sure about this ride or the passengers in this car

 watching birds with Callie

i love Grandpa Steve!!!

i loved chasing the, not so much!!!!