Saturday, November 19, 2011

This week

I am almost 39 weeks pregnant (Monday will be the actual day), but I have been dilated at 3 cm all week, so we have just been waiting for Baby Maddyson to come.  Today, my contractions have been about 10 minutes apart, and are getting stronger, so we will see what happens.  Who knows?!?

I am so happy to have all my sewing projects done; now we just need baby to get here, and then I can start more projects.  haha.  I still have to finish packing my hospital bag though.  It is like half way done; I just keep putting it off.  But it is all right.

Today we bought Amilee her first birthday or Christmas present; a new tricycle.  Her cousin Daniel got one for his birthday last weekend, and Amilee loved it, so we got her one too.  She tried it out at the store and got so excited and just loved everything about it.

Hurry up baby Maddy; we can't wait to meet you and I also can't wait to be done with being pregnant!!

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