Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 Weeks!!

Pictures to come in the next blog!!

Maddyson is four weeks old today, and will be one month old in a couple of days! Time has flown by.  She is a great baby. She sleeps at night.  There have been maybe two nights when she didn't go right back to sleep after eating, and she usually gets up to eat a couple of times.  It is great. I am breastfeeding her, and it is going really well, but I have to be honest, breastfeeding is not favorite.  I am not the mom who loves it, but  I want to do it for the sake of Maddyson.  I don't like not being mobile half of my day though, and it is hard to watch Amilee when I am feeding Maddyson.  Amilee is starting to get the routine of feedings though, so her messes aren't so bad like before.  haha.  But occasionally she has a few moments where she gets into all the wrong things.  haha.

Amilee is a great big sister. She loves Maddy so much.  She always wants to kiss her and love her and hold her. It really is so sweet and so adorable.  I hope they will be best friends.  I hope they have a relationship like I do with my brother.  It is special.  I love watching the girls together.  It melts my heart!!! so cute!! I also love seeing Samuel with both of them.  He is a great dad.

We are still adjusting to everything, but we are almost through the six week dense and thick fog.  it hasn't been as bad as I was expecting, but it has been hard and our world has been thrown upside down.  We are working on our morning routine, and how to get out of the house at a decent time. I am also trying to balance giving Amilee her time with feeding and taking care of Maddyson, and then trying to keep up with all of my other responsibilities.  It is getting there, but it really is hard.  It is all worth it, but still hard.  I know as Maddyson sets into a routine more, things will get easier, so I can see the light ahead.  :D

But that's all for now.  Pictures to come.  A blog about Amilee's birthday to come.  (which was so fun btw) and many more fun things!!

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