Saturday, July 9, 2011

a recap of the last few months!!!

It's hard to remember what exciting things our family did over the last few months, but hopefully I can do us some justice!!  I hope to get better at blogging so that this will be a treasure for us in years to come.

March-I started working at Natomas Physical Therapy. I really like it, but some days it is bit of a drive.  But I really like interacting with the patients and making sure everyone is happy and where they are supposed to be.  and it is nice knowing you are helping people also.  Samuel started school online with Western Governor's University, and though he has been enjoying it so far, it has been harder for him to do than he thought it would be!! but that's alright, he is getting a few classes taken care of, so that is good!  We didn't do anything too exciting in March, though I did find out I was expecting.  I am due November 28 with Aedo baby #2.  We are very excited for our next addition to our little Aedo family.

April-On April Fool's day, Samuel told everyone on facebook that I was pregnant and it was interesting to see who believed him and who didn't.  It was still kind of a mystery to a few people though who did not know what to think or who to believe.  We enjoyed General Conference together as a family also, the first weekend of April.  We celebrated Easter at home by dyeing eggs and taking Amilee on her first Easter Egg hunt. She really enjoyed it and especially enjoyed the candy she was able to eat from the eggs.  lol.  The last weekend of the month, we (Jolene, Katie, bella, Amilee and I) took a girl's roadtrip to Utah to see family and friends. Bella had never been to Utah before, so we did all the SLC stuff and did a nice tour of BYU.  It was good for her to see all the places we always talk about and understand more of the church's history.  We also toured BYU and went to Brick Oven and saw a lot of friends! I love Brick Oven! it is delicious.  One of my good friends, Arielle was also married while I was in town, so I was able to go to her reception with my family.  It was really nice.  It was nice seeing family and friends and letting Amilee play with new friends.  We really enjoyed the trip to Utah.

May-At the beginning of the month, we celebrated my birthday and mother's day.  As combined presents, I got a new sewing machine, which I am very excited about, a sewing box, C.S. Lewis books ( I want to have all of his collection) and a few other little things.  It was a nice celebration.  We had a nice family dinner for both days, and my sister in law Katie made a beautiful cake.  May was really busy around our house with the girls preparing for last minute school activities and for finals.   We helped in all of that.  At the end of the month for Memorial Day, we went to Jolene's cabin with John and Michelle and their son Daniel.  The cabin is about 2 1/2 hours north of here.  It was freezing cold too, probably in the 40's, so we didn't want to do a lot outside.  We did take the kids to the golf course, where they were able to chase down a lot of deer and get to experience something new.  Amilee loved running after them and loved being able to have space to run also.  daniel and Amilee played a lot together, but Daniel was a little rough with Amilee, so I think by the end of the weekend, Amilee wasn't sure if she still wanted Daniel to be her friend.  lol.  But they are getting better and learning.  haha.  Samuel's dad also had a mild heart attack right before Memorial Day, but he is doing well now.  It was definitely quite a scare since he is only in his early 50's.  We had a family barbecue with the Aedo side of the family also for Memorial Day and we were able to see family we haven't seen in forever or family we still had yet to meet.  They had a beach ball that was about as tall as Amilee and she loved chasing it all over the yard.  It was so cute!!

June-We celebrated Father's Day.  We got all our dad's BYU hats and they really liked them.  I got Samuel a basket of all the things he loves. It was really cute.  We tried to make Father's Day feel as special as Mother's day and I think we succeeded.  It went really well.  We have been taking Amilee swimming in the hot tub, with it cooled down of course, and she loves it.  She will go and get her swim suit and let us know she wants to go.  We were able to go to the temple and do sealings with big John and Suzanne and we really enjoyed that.  It was really nice. The girls had girls camp the last week of June, and we enjoyed a quieter house. As much as we love them, it was nice having some peace and quiet. I also spoke in church about self mastery.  I learned a lot as I prepared my talk and I think I was able to contribute a good spirit to the members of the congregation.

July-We had a great fourth of July.  We celebrated all weekend.  Saturday, we took Amilee to a firework show and she really liked it. Poor thing was so tired though that it was hard for her to stay awake. sunday we had a nice relaxing fast sundayAmilee loved them.  She keep saying wow and ohh.  It was cute. She also tried her first sparkler.  she was quite entertained by it and so were we.  We have an ultra sound next week to determine the sex of the baby and we are very excited for it. I really don't have any impressions on whether its a boy or a girl, so we will find out.
But we have been busy with work and school and everyday life. It is nice.  I am also trying to wrap up things on the quilt I am making for our bed and it is looking great. That is my big project for right now.  Can't wait to see the final product!!

Pictures to come!!!

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