Thursday, July 28, 2011

a little late, but the 4th of July!!

We had a great 4th of July.  We celebrated all weekend!! Saturday day, we went to a BBQ over at Big John's (samuel's dad) and were able to see John and Michelle and Daniel and Drew and Ashley, who had traveled from Utah.  We had some delicious burgers and bratwursts.  That night we took Amilee to a firework show. She really enjoyed watching the fireworks, but she was way tired since it was way past her bedtime.  Sunday was a nice relaxing day, and a nice fast Sunday for us!!
Monday we had a family BBQ here at the house and enjoyed Samuel's homemade burgers.  We had our own little firework show at our house that night, and Amilee had a blast. She even tried out her very first sparklers!!

She kept saying wow and oh man!!!
and a funny story to top of the night.  Earlier in the day, this lady was telling Jolene that the 4th of July is like the worst day for dogs because they are terrified of all the noises and lots of dogs get out and then get lost.  So during the night, this terrified dog came to us and we tried to calm him down.  he eventually calmed down a little bit and then left somewhere.  however, the next morning, Jolene opened the door to the garage and in walks this dog.  I guess he had hid himself in there all night, and we had no idea.  We called his owners and they came shortly after, but it was slightly ironic that we ended up with one of those lots dogs!!

a really fun weekend!!!

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