Saturday, July 16, 2011

anniversary coming up!

Samuel and my anniversary is coming up here in the next month.  It's crazy to think that three years have gone by.  We have been through a lot together in such a small amount of time.  I remember the day after we got married, we headed back to Utah with no place to live and no jobs, but it didn't matter to us; we had just married each other for time and for all eternity and were completely in love.  (and not saying we aren't in love now, but we have experienced more now).  and yet, somehow, things still worked out.  But it hasn't been easy. We have definitely had our ups and downs and our little issues here and there, but it has been wonderful.  And I can't wait for more time together. 

This day coming up just keeps weighing in on my mind, and I am not sure why.  I want to plan something special...with our few dollars we have to spare...haha  But I am getting excited and happy for one on one time with my love!!! I love my Samuel and I couldn't have asked for anyone better!! he is great!!!

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