Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last week's Events~~

This last week was really fun!! my parents and my little brother Parker came to California last Sunday and stayed for a few days.  My parents haven't been back in Cali in years, so it was fun for them to come and fun to see them also.  They arrived Sunday evening and we enjoyed a late dinner together and then talked outside on the back porch area.  I was happy to see that Amilee warmed right up to them and seemed to remember them like she never left.
Monday morning, I had to get to work early, but they met me in Sacramento for the days events.  We went to downtown Sacramento, which is known as Old Sac, where they have restored all the old buildings and have a lot of fun little shops and candy stores and lots of fun little museums.  We wanted to go to the Military Museum and of course it was closed on Monday. I didn't get any pictures there, but here is an idea of what it looks like...

We spent about an hour there and really enjoyed ourselves.  I would love to go back with Samuel on a date.  There were a lot of fun restaurants to experience.
We then headed to the California State Fair.  When I was a kid, we used to always go to the Blackfoot Fair and we always looked forward to it.  So this was pretty exciting; and I like fair anyways.  But crazy me, we get to the entrance finally and I realized I totally forgot the camera in the car, so I was and am pretty bummed about that.  But we get there and buy some tickets so Parker and Samuel can do some rides.  They enjoyed a few rides, while we walked around with Amilee.  She was pretty fascinated with everything.  We then walked through the booths and the food vendors and enjoyed test driving some new Chevy cars.  I also won a sweet waterbottle at the Dannon yogurt  booth!! We kept walking and walking and there were more and more vendors and things to do.  There were a few exhibitions areas and those were really exciting.  One of our favorites was the Rock and Roll exhibit.  You could try out some drums and guitars, see authentic things from your favorite Rock and Roll bands,  buy pictures and T-shirts and old brands of candy and just enjoy yourself.  It was very fun and family friendly. My mom and I also liked the Quilting exhibition. The quilts were beautiful and gave me even more motivation to finish mine and then to do more.  Maybe I can get really good at it one day. We also went to a hypnotist show.  It was pretty funny!! We then went to the kid rides and Amilee loved loved the carousel.  She was pretty sad when it was time to get off.  It was fun going on rides with her.   There was also a shopping expo with lots of different booths for tiling your home, massages, clothes, teeth whitening, etc.  Tons of things like that!! Those are always so fun!! and of course, we had fair food!~! it was a lot of fun!! we really enjoyed and Amilee was quite a trooper. She barely got a nap in that day, and only had a few minutes of crankiness!!!! It was great!!

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