Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elmo's world!!

These two pictures describe what my everyday is filled with.  Amilee is in love with Elmo's world...she asks for it all day long and always wants to watch it.  And we let her a few times a day.  I even bought a few DVD's of just Elmo's world, so we would have it on demand whenever we want it.  Elmo's world also comes on the last 20 min of Sesame Street, so we record it and save a few episodes, but sometimes, it's a hassle to fast forward to the end of the show and put Elmo on.  But Elmo is on a lot and Amilee is learning so much from it!!! It is wonderful, and I get a few minutes where she is not destroying everything she comes into contact with.  The terrible two's have begun.  haha

This last week, my mother in law was high lighting my hair, and Samuel, Jolene and I were talking about our favorite moments of Sesame Street and the things we like about it.  My sister in law was in the room laughing thinking it was funny that here were 3 grown adults talking about Sesame Street.  But at least it is wholesome and we can watch it together and teach Amilee new things.  

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