Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anniversary Day and Weekend

Samuel and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary this last week!! I can't believe it has been three years! It has gone by so fast, but it also seems like we have known each other forever.
On the day of our actual anniversary, I made homemade banana pancakes and syrup, which I recently posted about.   It was a delicious breakfast and a nice start to the day.  We then watched the DVD I made for Samuel and he really enjoyed it. We then ran errands and had lunch, and mailed out a package to my brother to celebrate his one year on his mission!! we put in a whole bunch of pictures, bought him a new shirt, and got him some cookie crisp (his favorite cereal), crystal light lemonade packets for his water bottle, and some candy!! Just a few little goodies from home.  I miss him so, but I am so proud of him and grateful that he is dedicated two years of his life to serve the Lord.  Samuel and I then just relaxed and played with Amilee the rest of the day, nothing too exciting, but nice to spend the day together.

For the weekend, we left Amilee with Jolene. On Friday night, we headed to Roseville to go to a waterpark called Sunsplash.  It was so fun, and we did the Night Slides, which we great.  I didn't take any pictures, as I didn't want to risk getting my camera stolen, but here are some pics from the net of Sunsplash.

It was pretty fun!! we really enjoyed ourselves!! It was pretty funny thought because on the last slide of the night, they told me I couldn't go on the ride because I was pregnant, when I had been there for hours riding all the other rides.  Kind of funny!!
We stayed at Samuel's dad's house since we had plans in Sac the next day.  The next morning, we woke up and headed to the temple.

 We got there a little late for the session, so we decided to do sealings instead, and it was really nice, since we were celebrating our anniversary.  It was a beautiful session too. We were definitely close to the Heavens that day, and we were overwhelmed by the spirit that we felt.  It was nice to renew our marriage covenants and remember those promises we made to each other and to the Lord. I love doing sealing sessions.  They are beautiful!! We then went to Chili's for lunch; our classic spot and of course it was delicious!!

We were going to head home after that, but I was having some pretty strong contractions, and I was dehydrated, so after speaking to the dr, we decided to go up to Labor and Delivery just to get checked out and make sure everything was alright. And I was just dehydrated, which can bring on contractions, but it was nice to know that I wasn't having baby Maddyson anytime soon.  haha
We then returned home and we were very excited to see Amilee.  She did great for Jolene, and we definitely missed her, but enjoyed time to ourselves as well.  And luckily, Amilee was tired, so we were all able to go to bed early, which was great, since we were exhausted!!!  All in all, a great weekend and a nice anniversary celebration!!

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