Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little down

On Sunday, I wore a dress that I thought looked super flattering on me.  I was actually okay with the way that I looked, and feeling good. And after Sacrament Meeting, I was speaking with one of the parent's of my primary children and they said, "Wow, you are looking huge. When are you due?  Soon, right??"  I was totally taken aback (wondering why someone would say something so inappropriate) and honestly, offended, and lost whatever ounce of self-esteem that I did have that day.  Was I really that big?  Did I look bigger than most people?  had I gained too much weight?  All these questions have just seemed to bombard me the last few days.

However, yesterday, I went to the doctor and she measured my stomach, and I am at 25 cm, and I am 24 weeks, so that is right on schedule, and my weight is great.  So i am doing fine, but it still bothered me that people may think I look like a whale; when I already have issues with getting bigger and gaining weight.
Oh, the joys of pregnancy and the things we do for our kids.  Good thing we love them and want them.

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