Thursday, October 20, 2011

You've been Boo'd!!

This last weekend, we decided we wanted to BOO some friends!! This was kind of tricky, since I can't really be running too fast ( I look a little funny) and it would take way too long to buckle and unbuckle Amilee for every house so quickly.  So we decided I would drive and Samuel would take Amilee to the doors to run with him and she would just sit in front with him and we would drive really slow!! This was quite an adventure for Amilee.  We got the treats and the message ready to give out and got some jackets out and we were on our way.  It was pretty funny watching Samuel run with Amilee and watching Amilee's expressions as everything was happening.  We had a great night together and were still able to do booing, though we didn't have optimal circumstances!! it is definitely a memory we will remember forever!! 

And don't forget when you are boo'd to make sure you boo other people too!! it takes the fun out of it if you don't!!

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