Tuesday, October 4, 2011

General Conference Weekend!!

This weekend was wonderful and very relaxing.  It all started with Friday night.  Samuel's mom and the girls went to Utah for the weekend and Steve went to the cabin, so we had the house to ourselves. Friday night, we enjoyed dinner together, and then watched most of the BYU game, and went hot tubbing. Though BYU won, it is still disappointing to watch them play so badly.  Maybe they will pick it up this season, and hopefully, they will play Rylie Nelson more!! We also decided that we wanted cinnamon rolls for Saturday, so we made the dough and everything for the cinnamon rolls Friday night.  It was a great night.

Saturday, we woke up and got the cinnamon rolls going, along with some eggs and watched conference together.  Amilee did pretty good, and when she got antsy, we turned on Elmo for her, and then she would be fine.  The talks were great in the morning.  I told Samuel that President Monson would speak first, because that has been his trend in the recent conferences, but he didn't speak until after the intermediate hymn.  Turns out, he wasn't even there until the intermediate hymn due to being in traffic or something, which was why he spoke after the hymn, instead of at the beginning. I knew something was up.  Haha.  Between sessions, we had some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with turkey for lunch and we took Amilee to the park! she loves the swings and the big slides.  Thank goodness the weather is finally cooling down, so it is nice to go outside or to the park or wherever. We watched the Saturday afternoon session, and Amilee took a nap.  During the session, I made some hair bows.  I am still in a bow frenzy, and I really enjoy making them.  It is a really good creative outlet for me. And out of all the bows I have made, there are still some days when I don't have a good matching one for Amilee's outfit.  haha. 

Saturday night, I went out with my friends Montez and Janay for girls night with our kids Amilee, Olivia and Brynlee. It was really nice to get out and have girl time and not stress or anything.  We then went back to Montez' and talked for a while, and then Amilee and I braved Wal Mart at 9 pm, and it wasn't too bad.  It was a good day.

Sunday, we had peanut butter chip and chocolate chip pancakes and they were delicious.  I fell asleep during the first session and I wasn't feeling too good most of the day.  no bueno, but okay.  The talks I did hear were really good.  For lunch, we had a little picnic in the living room and Amilee ate some pizza and we had tuna wraps and they were delicious. We also ate chips and queso and had a great time together during our little family picnic.  The afternoon session was great. Amilee finally took a nap and I made a few bracelets...I am in a crafty mood.  lol.  I took a little nap after the session was over, and had choir practice that night.  While I was gone, Samuel made dinner.  He made Parmesan crusted chicken with a buttermilk Parmesan sauce with bowtie noodles and green beans!! it was so good!!

It was a great weekend! we are so blessed to be able to have continual revelation for our Father in Heaven delivered to us every six months in conference.  It is wonderful!! we are also very excited about the new temples announced, especially the new one in Provo.  I was very sad when the Provo Tabernacle burned down, so it is quite exciting, they are rebuilding it and making it into the second temple in Provo.  And having lived in Star Valley, WY for a while, I am thrilled about that one too.  All new temples are wonderful, but some have more meaning to each of us than others!! We are happy the gospel is progressing and the church is growing and that all is well!!

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