Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When baby comes......

This last Saturday, I was talking with my friend Montez, who has a two month old precious baby, and we were discussing how hard it must be to nurse your new baby when you have other children, especially when nursing with just one is difficult enough.  I thought on this for a while, since I am planning on nursing Baby Maddy.  But how do I do that when I have a wild child to also take care of?  How does Amilee come to understand that she might have to wait for a few things or whatever the circumstance may be?  How do I have energy to nurse in the middle of the night when I still have to get through the next day and not be able to sleep when Baby Maddy is sleeping?  And what about when I have to go somewhere longer than three hours?  Should the baby know how to nurse and how to also take a bottle??

I think that nursing is very important, especially the first six weeks, but what about after that?  When you basically have to get back into the swing of real life?   I feel like Baby Maddy should be able to nurse and take a bottle?  Or would it be better to just pump?  I did that with Amilee and it was really nice, but how do you have time for that when you have other children?  I am not sure what to think about everything, but it is definitely a little worrisome for me.  I am not too stressed about it, but I am definitely wondering what the right steps will be to take.  What about you other moms out there??

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Linda said...

Amilee needs to learn to wait. Have her sit on the couch with you and give her a job while the baby is nursing. Have her rub Maddy's feet for you, to keep Maddy "going" and when she switches sides, have Amilee switch sides and rub her toes from the other side. Enlist her as your helper and you'd be surprised what she's capable of! She's been knocked off her pedestal (happens to all first borns) and the baby rules the roost now. Have her help you. Give her made up jobs. I had to give Kat the job of folding handtowels (at age 21 months) to keep those little hands busy because she was terrorizing the house! :) Give her a job.