Friday, September 30, 2011

A mini San Fran trip

Last Friday night, we went down to San Fran to meet up with my Uncle Doug and Aunt Jen.  They were here visiting from Kansas to see San Fran for their 10th anniversary.  We hadn't seen them in over three  years!! They had never met Amilee before, so that was exciting for everyone that they were going to get to meet her.  My aunt is also pregnant with her first baby, and they are having a little girl due in January.  My grandma is super excited because she gets a grand child and a great grand child within a month and a half!! pretty fun!!

Now, silly me, I forgot to take pictures with them when we went to dinner and to get gelato, but I took a few pics on the carousel at Pier 39, where we stopped beforehand.

Amilee loves carousels!! she saw it as we were walking through the different shops and was going crazy to ride it!! I am not a fan of carousels, so I chose not to ride, but she sure loved it. 

We enjoyed catching up with my aunt and uncle and talking to them about becoming first time parents.  They are so excited to have a new baby; it was pretty good.  And a little nervous too.  My aunt is the youngest sibling and wasn't around a lot of babies and didn't do much babysitting, and my uncle is an only child, so they are in for a treat. They will do just fine though. My grandma is planning on staying with them for a few weeks when the baby comes, so that is great!!

We enjoyed a little night to ourselves in the city, and we also enjoyed the cooler weather!! it was a nice little mini trip!!

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