Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lake Almanor Trip

We had a great trip this weekend up to Lake Almanor!! We headed up Friday night after Samuel got off work, and Amilee did wonderful on the 2 1/2 hour drive.  She played and danced almost the whole way.  It was great. That night we didn't too much, just went to bed and stuff to prepare for the weekend.
Saturday morning we woke up and ate breakfast and we got ready to head out on the boat.  We brought the tube out first and Sean and Loran Loosli, and Samuel braved the cold water.  It was freezing, but you got used to it once you just jumped in.  Amilee enjoyed the boat too.  I will put pictures in the next post.  We came back for lunch and took a little rest and then went back out to do some knee boarding.  Jolene got up on the knee board for the first time.  It was awesome.  Samuel really enjoyed the knee board, but everyone was pretty sore by the end of Saturday. We roasted s'mores on the beach that night and watched BYU football.  We won the game, but our offense played very poorly, so at least it was a win, but hopefully we get our act together ASAP!!!
Sunday, we went to church.  At the ward in Chester, they do church backwards, they start with priesthood/relief society first, and the branch is so small that they don't have a nursery, so needless to say, church was miserable, since amilee is not used to having to try and sit and be quiet for all three hours.  I didn't get too much out of church, which is fine, some Sundays are like that, but it was still rough.  Glad it is over.  haha We just relaxed most of Sunday and played games.  After church and a nap, our Sunday was much better.  We had a nice BBQ on Sunday also.
Monday, we headed back out on the boat.  Everyone was able to do tubing and knee boarding, and we had a nice time getting our fill of vacation.  Amilee also played at the beach and swam a little bit, and made sand cakes. She thoroughly enjoyed that part.  She loves to help cook and bake all the time here at home, and it was no different up at the cabin, even if we are playing in the sand.  haha

But it was nice to get away and relax for a little while and get away from the heat!  It is miserably hot here, and this pregnant body is not liking it so much...bring on the fall weather now!! haha Pictures to come later tonight or tomorrow!!

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