Saturday, March 5, 2011

the last few weeks!

The last few weeks have been super busy for us.  It doesn't seem like we had anything ultra special going on, but just busy.  I just got a new job at Natomas Physical Therapy as a physical therapist aide.  I started Friday and really liked it and think that I will really enjoy it.  It will be a really good niche for me.  I work Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  On Monday and Wed, the first half of the morning Samuel will watch Amilee and the other half, Jolene will watch her. And on Fridays, Samuel will watch Amilee. I am very excited and happy about this.

Samuel started school this week and I am so proud of him.  I am happy he is doing it, though his first class is very boring and I am happy he is furthering his education and wanting to go somewhere in life.  That makes me so happy.  It is wonderful!!

A couple weeks ago, we went to San Fransisco.  It was a blast.  Amilee really enjoyed it too.  We took her to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, which is especially for children 6 months-8 years, so they had a lot of specific toddler things and she definitely enjoyed every minute of it.  We are hoping to go back soon with my nephew, so they can play together.  We took a picture at West Point in almost the exact place where Samuel and I took a picture when I was pregnant.  It turned out great.  It was a very fun and exciting trip.

At the discovery museum!
This is the first picture!

And almost same spot on the dock area!! Great memories!

We also recently got Amilee's pictures done just for fun! and they turned out so cute! She is natural with the camera. the photographer was speaking to Samuel and was saying that she needed to sit on the red light, so by herself, she went and sat on the red light and posed.  And kept posing and smiling and posing and smiling!! it was so cute.

We also went to On the Border Mexican Food Restaurant this week!! I have been missing this!  I thought it was only in the south, but I was very happy to see it in Roseville.  And I had the brisket tacos and they were so good.  I miss good ole southern cooking!!


Well, that's all for now!!!

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