Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day Four

A picture of your favorite night

These are definitely some old pictures, but this was one night that was unforgettable!! I have had many favorite nights since, but this one keeps sticking out to me !
 During dinner at Macaroni Grill
 A classic shoe picture
 Outside our apartment...I think after dinner
 A favorite past time of the hot tub!
We took many shots of this, but this one I think is a perfection description of our personalities!!!

These pictures pretty much describe how crazy the five of us were all the time and how much we had together!! This was definitely a quite a bonding experience for us starting out in our apartment.  We had planned a girls night out to Macaroni Grill with pictures before, during and after and a little hot tubbing with dancing in between! We had a great time and truly enjoyed our time together.  It's crazy to think how much has happened since then and the times we had when we were all living together.  The girls are Scarlet, Kasey, Kylie, Shaeley and me.  Scarlet and Ky are cousins and Scarlet and Shae are cousins.  Scarlet and I grew up together since we were 12 and Kylie lived in the neighboring town from us.  None of us knew Kasey.  She is from UT and other than Scarlet, none of us knew Shae.  And though we had a few ups and downs, as an apartment full of girls would, we became very close and enjoyed living together.
Where are we now??
I got married in Aug 08 to Samuel Aedo.  We live in California with our baby girl Amilee who is 15 months old.  Samuel is going to school online at Western Governors University and works at Costa Vida Restaurant, and I work at Natomas Physical Therapy.
Kylie married Michael Crump in April 08 and they live in Prosper, Texas.  They have a 5 month old baby boy Preston and recently bought a house!!
Kasey in married to Danny Bandis and were married in Mar 09.  They recently moved to Monticello, UT and are enjoying new jobs there.
Scarlet married Chris Reece in Dec 08 and they live in Provo, UT with their baby boy Grayson, who is also 15 months old.  He is one day older than Amilee.  Chris is finishing up a few courses at BYU and then wants to attend Dental School!
Shae lives in Vegas and is dating Bryce.  They have been together off and on for quite a while.  I miss that girl!!

But that's us.  Friends forever.


Michael and Kylie Crump said...

Aww....those were fun memories!!!!

Chris and Scarlet said...

haha cute. Kylie didn't point this out to you but it was kind of funny...You wrote that she married Michael Lott instead of Michael Crump. And our last name is spelt with a c instead of s...I'm totally not trying to be rude it was just cute. I'm glad you posted this because it's always fun to look back on old pictures and good times! Hope all is well :>