Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Almost here!!!

There are a lot of things that are almost here!! This is a very exciting time for us. 

Amilee Grace is due in two weeks, but could be here any day now, and that is very exciting.  This last part of the pregnancy has been very tiring for both of us, but especially me, since I no longer get good or even decent sleep and I am just uncomfortable all the time.  I started having contractions about a week and a half ago and I have started dilating, so that is a good sign, but we wish she would just hurry up and get here. 

Samuel has one week left of school.  I still have a couple more, but I am glad he is almost done, and so proud of him.  He took 18 credits this semester, so it was rough a lot of the time, especially since he was working as well.  I am glad he is going to be done before me, so that when Amilee gets here, we will only have to worry about my finals and not his also. 

My family is moving to Saratoga Springs, near Lehi, this weekend, and we are happy that they will be close again.  We love Texas, but it is just so far away for us, that it is hard to get there, and expensive. We are poor college students, so it's hard to afford to go to many places, so it is great they are just right up the road.  Plus they want to see their first grandbaby a lot.  My dad has been up here the past month and half working and he flies home to bring up the family this weekend.  It will be fun.

Things seem to be moving right along for us.  We are excited for all the new adventures that we are about to have.  We can't wait for this new chapter of life to begin.  We are happy.  We love each other, and are trying our best to follow the Lord in all things!!!

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The Wellers said...

congrats. reading this entry reminded me of the times JOn and I spent at BYU working 2 jobs, full time school, internship, and being "poor college students"! It is a time you will always remember. Stacey