Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh how time flies

Wow, I feel like I never get on here, and maybe I don't. Life is just busy. School is difficult along with work and church and trying to spend time together. We love it, but oh man, it is busy. I don't think anything too new has happened. We are just enjoying school. Samuel was pretty sick this last week, and still is not feeling all the way better. He needs to get more sleep, which seems impossible. I just have a little cold, so it is not as bad as Samuel has been feeling.
For the next month ish, I will be an assistand director for the New Play Project. It's this program in Provo for amateur play writes and actors and directors. It is all volunteer. The plays are awesome, the actors are great, and the directors are inspired. And I was just chosen as an assistant director. I start that tomorrow. I am really excited. I think this is something I will really like doing.
Friday is a really special day for us. My old roommate and best friend, Kasey, is getting married inthe Jordan River temple. I am really excited for her!! We can't wait. We are also going to the Draper temple open house, and we are excited to see the new temple also. I am also going to the doctor to get my knee looked at because it is not doing too good!! Pray that it is not surgery.
The weather has been way nice here lately. The last few days have been in the seventy's. I love it. However, we are supposed to be getting this crazy storm tomorrow and continued through this weekend, so that is no bueno. Provo has a weird winter-spring transition. It can't quite make up it's mind on what it really wants.
We are doing really well, just stressed a bit, but we love each other and we are doing what's right, so that helps. We love all of you!! Happy Wishes!!

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The Bunnell Fam said...

Hooray for blogs. I am so glad to see you have one! I am going to add you...add us too!