Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Samuel and I

Well Samuel and I have been crazy busy!! Samuel is still working at Costa Vida as the assistant manager and it is going really well.  They are getting into a routine of things.  We are also in our own place and we love it.  We still see Jolene and Steve all the time, and that is nice, but we missed being on our own.  I also loving the girls having a sisters room.  It is so cute.  I just finished my school term, hence, why I haven't been blogging, and Samuel finishes his here at the end of May, so that has kept us very occupied.  I am happy to have a little bit of downtime.  It is really nice, but I am ready to get back into my classes here later on this week.
I stay busy everyday at home with the kids and running our home.  I take Amilee to a few different things during the week and we run errands and a million other things.  It is busy, but I am happy to be at home.  I am okay sacrificing a little income to be at home raising my girls.
My birthday is coming up on Saturday and I think Samuel and I are going to go see a movie and we haven't seen a movie since last summer, so it has been almost a movie! That is crazy!! I am also taking prom pictures for Katie and her friends on Saturday also.  That will be fun.  I am excited for that.
I am taking pictures for a friend's wedding here at the end of the month too.  I am excited to do the whole thing.  It will be awesome.
I am also excited about all of my upcoming sewing projects and endeavors.  I am finishing up a few things for my friends Scarlet and Stephanie, who are both due here in a couple of weeks.  I am almost done, so that is good!!
Samuel can't wait to go paint balling again, but I told him he has to finish up school first.  It is part of his reward for working so hard.

We miss seeing my family, but can't wait to head to Utah when Chris gets home from his mission and to see to see all of our family!! 3 months to go!! can't wait!!

We are so thankful for everything Jolene and Steve have done for us and continue to do for us.  They are such great inlaws and grandparents to our little girls.  Thank you!!

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