Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Amilee update!!!

I can't believe my Amilee is 2 1/2 years old!! She is such a big girl!! Amilee is definitely not a baby anymore...she has changed into a beautiful little lady right before my eyes!!
-is super tall! She is taller than most kids that are a year older than her.
-dresses in dresses almost everyday
-is in gymnastics and doing great.  She loves it so much too and it is really fun!
-is a great big sister
-loves rice, chicken, mac and cheese and snacks
-talks all day everyday and is interested in everyone's conversations
-loves to help with everything
-mimics everyone and repeats what everyone says
-is a very busy girl!!

I love me some Amilee so much!! I can't believe the time has just flown by. She is such a great girl, and a girly girl at that. She loves lip gloss and chap stick and high heels and purses and make up and nail polish.  It is so cute!! I love it so much!! i love this little girl.  She is such a helpful big sister and she really does love Maddyson. It is sweet!!  Here are some pics!!

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Scarlet said...

ahhh!! I Love her long curly hair. too cute!