Friday, January 18, 2013

Hate catch-ups

Well it has most definitely been forever! I hate that I do so good, then get so far behind. But oh well, so is life. Before I do a catch-up post, I want to blog about the here and now. :D

We went to Utah the first weekend of this month, and decided to start potty training with Amilee when we got back. I had it all planned to start on Monday, after we had returned home Sunday and while heading home, I realized that idea was a little silly since we would be so tired, packed and definitely not mentally ready. So we started Wednesday, a week and a half from today. And so far, it is going really well. She loves her big girl panties, and is really good at telling me she needs to go. But going #2 is a whole story in itself. She has always been one to hold it in, so this has been a hard transition. She has went a few times in the potty, but not after holding it in for a few days and causing much discomfort. So sad. I hope she will be able to catch on with this quick BC it is so sad seeing her uncomfortable. But I am happy she is making progress and becoming such a grown up girl. It's am exciting, but exhausting process.

And for some exciting news, in a week from today, next Friday, we find out what the sex of the baby is! We can't wait!  We don't really have any names picked out, not any feelings if it's a boy or a girl, so it will be a fun adventure! Only 7 more days and hopefully, they will go fast! 

More to come!

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Brooke Blanchard said...

Boy! Have a boy! Haha congrats.