Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas festivities!!!

This year we were able to decorate a gingerbread house with Amilee.  A few days before decorating, Amilee kept asking to make the house. She was very excited.  And then when it actually came time to do it, she only wanted to help a little bit.  Kind of funny!! Here are some pics

On Christmas Eve, Amilee put out cookies for Santa and some celery for the reindeer and we snapped her picture in front of the fireplace with all of the stockings.  Sorry the pics are in the wrong order.  We took the video of her Christmas morning right after she woke up to see what Santa brought her in her stocking.  She loved her Elmo objects.  We had a great Christmas with her.

On Christmas morning, Amilee opened her stocking and then we went to church.  I sang in sacrament meeting with two other sisters, and it turned out really good. We went home and had breakfast and then we opened presents with everyone.  Amilee loved it, but she was overwhelmed with all the presents.  Poor thing was also sick, so that kind of made for a hard day.  We put Amilee down for a nap and then she opened some more presents.  We had a nice dinner and then went to Christmas tree lane again, and Amilee loves looking at all the lights.  It was a great Christmas!!!

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