Saturday, January 16, 2010

So it's been a while!!!

So life has been a little crazy since Amilee was born and with all the holidays and family, we have been very busy!!!

After Amilee was born, we enjoyed a nice week or so at home.  I took finals the week after she was born and did really well.  Samuel was so great to watch her for me.  We went up to my parents a few times and let the dogs check her out and Skip loves her so much.  He always wants to lick her, but the other two don't really care about her too much.  Since then we have stayed the night a couple of times and we just take her bassinet with us.  We have yet to get a pack and play, but we really need one.  It's really nice to go there because my parents help out with Amilee while we sleep a little more.  It's great!!

Steve and Jolene and Katie came into town for Christmas and it was so great to see them.  They helped out a lot with Amilee and they love her so much.  Jolene always wanted to hold her, so Amilee got to spend some time with her Grandma Hood that way.  Steve helped out at my parent's house working on the base boards for a couple of days and I know he enjoyed that.  They really appreciate/d all his hard work as well.  It was really nice.  Christmas eve we celebrated her at Grandpas with all the Bezzant side that was in town and with my family as well.  Christmas morning we went to my parents for breakfast and had our Christmas with them. Then we saw Sherlock Holmes with the whole family.  It was a lot of fun and a great movie.   And Amilee did really well also.  We really enjoyed having Samuel's family here.  I always love spending time with them.  We had a really good Christmas and a nice break from school.

Samuel started school this week and likes his classes a lot.  He missed Amilee a ton while he was at school though.  He has been really sick as well and Amilee is kind of congested...poor thing.  She  has a lot of mucus and we can't give her any medicine or anything.  It's sad.   I have been home with Amilee this week getting adjusted to Samuel going to school and working and me trying to keep the house running.  It was a rough week because none of really felt good.  I hope it gets better from here.  And I am sure that it will.

We are blessing her in a couple of weeks and we are really excited for it because 1) the whole family is coming and 2) our baby nephew is also being blessed on the same day.  We are so happy because we have not seen John in over a year and Michelle since the summer and we have not met little Daniel yet.  It will be great.

We are enjoying life and loving little Amilee.  She is wonderful.  We are looking forward to the many adventures with her!!!

Also, our blog is going private in February, so if you would like to keep reading, please leave your email!!!!

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